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Women in Business podcast series

June Sarpong presents a new series of six episodes for NatWest, championing Women in Business.

Last updated: 02 Mar 2020 1 min read

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The podcasts follow the stories of emerging entrepreneurs. We'll be hearing about the highs and the lows, with tips and advice from guest mentors in a range of areas. You'll also hear from our own Women in Business specialists on how NatWest can help.

Episode 1: jewellery, manufacturing and the British Fashion Council (41:47)

How do you launch a successful jewellery brand? We hear the story of Alice Walsh (Alice Made This), a mum and entrepreneur juggling young family life while running a men's accessories brand, manufacturing with specialist techniques in the UK. She is joined by Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, who offers tips and advice on building a brand. We also hear from Jonathan Coates – one of NatWest's own Women in Business specialists – who shares his thoughts on how exporting can play a key role in the growth of small businesses.

Episode 2: social enterprise, macaroons and Divine Chocolate (37:54)

Balancing profit with purpose is a difficult mission. In this episode Rosie Gindlay tells the story of her company, Miss Macaroon. The company is a social enterprise that combines a passion for baking while also helping young care leavers and ex-offenders to gain training and employment. She is joined in conversation by Sophi Tranchell, managing director of Divine Chocolate, who offers tips on scaling based on her own work as a fair-trade pioneer.

Episode 3: beauty, tech and 'unruly' video advertising (41:01)

Tech meets beauty in this episode as we meet young entrepreneur Anastasia Kenyon, the founder of Palette Official – a brand-new platform that connects professional make-up artists with make-up fanatics. She is joined in conversation by Sarah Wood, the founder of global ad-tech giant Unruly, who shares her top tips on launching an online brand, finding talent, and exploiting video and social media to maximum effect. We also hear from NatWest’s Head of Technology Media and Telecoms, Neil Bellamy, and Sharniya Ferdinand, a business growth enabler at the bank, who explain the different ways NatWest can support businesses in the tech space.

Episode 4: magazines, collaboration and 'make your words work' (44:14)

In this episode, we’re getting to the heart of creative business as we meet Jyoti Matoo, the founder of Voir Fashion, a magazine and creative agency based in Leeds. She meets Emma Sexton, the founder of visual design agency Make Your Words Work, who has tips on finding talent and growing a creative company in an agile, collaborative way. Plus, we hear from Melissa Hulme from NatWest, on how the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator hubs are helping entrepreneurs collaborate and excel across the country.

Episode 5: networking, travel and Martha Lane Fox (46:18)

Carolyn Pearson, founder of Maiden Voyage – a female-friendly travel organisation that helps other companies ensure safe travel for their employees – is joined in conversation by serial entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, whose success as a co-founder of Lastminute.com during the dotcom bubble rocketed her on to running many other businesses, charities and social enterprises – as well as holding a seat in the House of Lords. Together they talk about how to grow a business on an international stage, growing a community, and ‘the fear of selling’.

Episode 6: music business, numbers and the MOBO Awards (48:02)

In the final episode of the series, we meet Sammy Andrews, a respected music industry executive who has recently embarked on a new business journey as the founder of strategy/analytics company Deviate Digital. She's joined by Kanya King, the visionary founder of the MOBO Awards, whose work over the past 20 years has left important mark on popular culture by championing music of black origin both in the UK and abroad. Plus, we hear from Yvonne Greeves, national women in business manager at NatWest, who gives her top tips on ‘knowing your numbers' at every stage of your business growth.

Bonus episode: tips for new start-ups with Harper’s Bazaar (12:17)

In this bonus episode we're backstage at a recent NatWest event in partnership with Harper's Bazaar magazine. Deputy editor Lydia Slater interviews guest speakers including bridalwear entrepreneur Caroline Castigliano, venture capital investor Anna Sweeting and Julie Baker - Head of Financial Inclusion and Enterprise at NatWest. Together they share top tips for new startups and inspiration for those looking to take their first leaps into business.

Bonus episode: why you should consider British manufacturing (6:25)

jewellery designer Alice Walsh (Alice Made This) gives her take on why you should consider British manufacturing. Although perceptions are often that is ‘cheaper’ to produce items overseas, Alice talks through the reasons she believes it’s better to keep things local, including the impact on quality, logistics, brand story, and ultimately the end-to-end cost. You can hear Alice’s full story in Episode 1, where she is joined in conversation by Caroline Rush from the British Fashion Council, as well as Jonathan Coates from NatWest’s Women In Business team

Bonus episode: confidence boost (4:35)

NatWest's Melissa Hulme shares thoughts on how to approach confidence, with some helpful techniques from the Women in Business initiative. To find out more about how NatWest's team of specialists can help you reach your goals, boost your confidence and widen your network, just search 'NatWest Women in Business'.

Bonus episode: five tips I wish I’d known when I started (5:25)

Emma Sexton, founder of visual design agency Make Your Words Work, shares five top tips she wish she’d known when she started her business – with thoughts on presentation, mindset and efficiency. To hear more from Emma, check out Episode 4, in conversation with June Sarpong and Jyoti Matoo from Voir Fashion Magazine. 

Bonus episode: harnessing diversity in an inclusive business (5:18)

Heather Melville, director for strategic partnerships and head of business inclusion initiatives for Commercial & Private Banking at NatWest, explains the importance of harnessing the diversity of your team and your clients – and the impact it can have on your business' bottom line.

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